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The Satilla Regional Water & Sewer System began in 1973 when Ware County saw a need to deliver water to its residents. The water system was then named Ware County Water and remained until 2001, when legislation was introduced to establish what is now known as Satilla Regional Water & Sewer Authority.

In 2001, legislation was introduced and passed creating Satilla Regional Water & Sewer Authority (SRWSA), formerly known as Ware County Water. The Authority is now a regional entity, currently serving residents of Ware County and Brantley County. The Authority is ruled by a 5-member board of directors. Four board members are elected by the water customers, serving a 4-year term each; and the fifth member is an ex-officio membership of the Ware County commission chairman. The Authority board meets monthly.

SRWSA's sole function is providing water service where a need is determined. Revenues collected are dedicated exclusively to SRWSA operations. Revenues for operation of the agency are generated by water sales, fees for service, and system development charges. Tax revenues are not a funding source for the Authority.

SRWSA provides safe, reliable water service to approximately 13,440 people in a 22-square-mile service area, encompassing areas of unincorporated Ware and Brantley counties. SRWSA draws water from five deep wells, each approximately 800 feet deep, and pumps to five elevated water storage tanks across our system, ranging in sizes of 100,000 gallon tanks to 750,000 gallon tanks. SRWSA averaged pumping 1.1 million gallons per day in 2016.

SRWSA draws water from the Floridan aquifer. The water from the Floridan aquifer is of such high quality that minimal treatment is required. The only treatment supplied by SRWSA is chlorine, in levels which are mandated by Georgia EPD. The water is chlorinated to destroy any microorganisms that may be present.

Satilla Regional Water & Sewer Authority's distribution system consists of roughly 220 miles of pipe, 6,488 service connections and meters, and a multitude of fire hydrants, valves, and back-flow prevention devices. Distribution mains range in size from 2-inches to 12-inches. Water is pumped to five elevated water storage tanks scattered throughout the service area. Water pressure in the system is created by the drop-in elevation from water storage tanks to the point of use.

In 2002, SRWSA applied for and received a USDA Sewer Project loan, which was the largest funding package ever by USDA in Georgia at that time. This was done because of the need for a sewer collection system in areas that had poor septic drainage systems. Today SRWSA serves more than 3,100 sewer customers.

Satilla Regional Water & Sewer Authority is always looking for ways to better serve our community, and will continue to explore all opportunities to make this community a cleaner and environmentally safer place to live. SRWSA is proud to serve our community and looks forward to doing so for many years to come.



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